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Integrated CAMS/ANTHRO Masters Degree (IUG) in Archaeology

Program Contacts:

Kenneth Hirth, Anthropology (
Mark Munn, CAMS (

The Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate program (IUG) in Anthropology and Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies (CAMS) offers the opportunity for academically strong students to complete a double major bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in the course of five years of study. The IUG program will provide archaeology students with the option of identifying their professional interests early in their academic careers and working with faculty to tailor their academic programs to meet their professional and academic goals. It is especially applicable for students who desire professional positions in Cultural Resource Management (CRM) and Heritage Management (HM), or to compete for entry into top-tier doctoral programs in Archaeology, Classics, Ancient Near Eastern studies, Ancient History and Anthropology. The masters (MA) degree is the professional degree in CRM and HM, as well as an advanced degree that will train students interested in pursuing a career in research and university level teaching and provide them with the necessary credentials to compete for admission to highly competitive and top quality doctoral programs.

Because writing skills are crucial in both the professional and academic career tracks, the IUG program requires that students complete a formal written thesis. Field experience is also essential, and the program requires two field schools or field experiences, which will enable students to gain the necessary practical excavation, survey, and laboratory experience needed to conduct archaeological research anywhere in the world. The Anthropology-CAMS IUG program is administered by co-directors, one each from Anthropology and CAMS, who are appointed by their respective departments. Co-directors are charged with overseeing and facilitating admissions, and supervising student program content. Students should check departmental websites for the names of program participants.

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Student Testimonial

“The day I changed my major to Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies was one of the happiest of my college career.  Even before switching to CAMS,  I was interested in what the department had to offer. (...)
An undergraduate advisor suggested LATIN 003 as a way of easing into college life, as I had taken Latin classes throughout high school and had performed well on the Advanced Placement exams.  The beginning was rough, but I enjoyed the challenge of translating Latin prose and the information that the texts conveyed.  Although I pursued an Advertising degree during my first two years of college, I continued to sign up for Latin courses, and by the end of my sophomore year, I had realized that Classics, not Advertising, was the right major for me. In addition to the Latin courses, I also studied the ancient civilizations of Rome, Greece, and Egypt in the CAMS major.  All of these classes were interesting, educational, and taught by knowledgeable faculty members.   The CAMS faculty is always helpful; they provide insight into the class material and make suggestions for outside reading during office hours and after class.  When I wrote my senior thesis for the Honors College, I received much help from the CAMS faculty while researching and writing the thesis.  Now that I have received my diplomas from Penn State, both in Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Spanish, I have decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Education.  I have been accepted at the Complutense University of Madrid, one of the oldest universities in Europe, to study secondary education, specializing in classical languages.  I am confident that the education I received at Penn State, notably in the CAMS department, will aid me greatly in my postgraduate studies and in securing a teaching job, whether in the United States, Spain, or elsewhere.”

Celia Meehan
2010 CAMS graduate

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