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Tawny Holm Joins CAMS and Jewish Studies

An expert in Classical (Biblical) Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, Tawny Holm comes from the department of Religious Studies at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania to join Penn State as Associate Professor in CAMS and Jewish Studies.   The author of standard reference works and articles on Aramaic and Near Eastern literature, Prof. Holm has published numerous reviews and peer-reviewed journal articles in her field.  Her masterly new book, Of Courtiers and Kings: The Biblical Daniel Narratives and Ancient Story-Collections, examines the literary traditions of the eastern Mediterranean in the Persian and Hellenistic eras that influenced the composition of the biblical book of Daniel.  She brings to our programs a welcome addition of expertise in the complex interplay of cultures and languages in the ancient Near East during the periods of Hellenistic syncretism, Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism, and the emergence of early Christianity.

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